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Eye Car Services - John High Opticians & Audiologists
Eye Test Glasses - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Eye Tests

An eye test is an incredibly important examination which enables you to identify any changes in your vision as well as any potential eye health problems. Having regular eye tests is extremely important, especially if you – or your family – have already been diagnosed with vision problems such as myopia, or more severe eye conditions, for example glaucoma.

Contact Lens Fitting - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Contact Lens Fitting

At John High, we offer contact lens fitting and aftercare appointments. If you are thinking about wearing contact lenses, the first step is to book a comprehensive eye exam. This will enable our optometrist to check your prescription and determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses.

Ear Wax Removal - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Ear Wax Removal

Among our hearing services, we offer clinical micro suction to remove troublesome earwax from your ears. Micro suction is the safest method to remove earwax build-up. It is a completely dry procedure, which removes the risks associated with the more traditional syringe method.

Hearing Test - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Hearing Tests

Our John High Opticians & Audiologists practices offer an exceptional hearing service, which encompasses a comprehensive hearing assessment, correction and aftercare. Our hearing test is free of charge and is performed by our expert audiologist with the latest technology available.

Eyewear Consultations - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Eyewear Styling Consultations

Eyewear styling consultations are a brand new service available at John High Opticians & Audiologists in Faversham. An eyewear styling consultation gives our discerning patients exclusive access to our in-house stylist and styling suite to browse unique designer collections.

OCT 3D SCANS - John High Opticians & Audiologists

OCT 3D Scans

An OCT 3D scan is a test that utilises advanced technology to provide additional information about your eye health. An OCT scan takes traditional eye testing a step further, as it shows a picture of the internal structure of your eyes, which gives us more information about your eye health.


My High Care

Complete Patient Care from just £10 per month.

My High Care is a scheme we created to recognise and reward our new and existing patients. We created a scheme that gives you the comfort of knowing that you and your family’s eye & hearing care needs are taken care of.


Online Hearing Test

If you feel you may be having hearing difficulties, taking our short online hearing test may help to determine if you need to see one of our hearing professionals. We recommend using a good quality pair of headphones on your computer, rather than your mobile phone for the best results.


Myopia Control

Myopia Control has now become a standard practice in order to slow down the progression of myopia in children. This has become possible thanks to advanced technology spectacle lenses, such as HOYA MiyoSmart, and special contact lenses for children, such as Coopervision’s Misight 1 Day.

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