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OCT 3 D Scan - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT 3D Scans)

Learn about Optical Coherence Tomography - OCT 3D Scans 

Are you interested in having an OCT scan at John High Opticians & Audiologists or simply have heard of it and want to know more? Then keep reading, as you will find this information very useful.

What is an OCT 3D scan?
Optical Coherence Tomography – OCT is a test that utilises advanced technology to provide additional information about your eye health. An OCT 3D scan takes traditional eye testing a step further, as it shows a picture of the internal structure of your eyes, which gives us more information about your eye health. 
This hospital-quality scan can now be carried out by local opticians, and we use it to look more closely beneath the surface of your eye to check the different layers of your retina. 

How does an OCT scan work?
OCT scans are not painful. This technology utilises light waves to take an image of your retina without touching your eyes. 
Who is an OCT scan for?
OCT 3D scans are recommended for people aged 18 or over who want to know more about their eye health, patients diagnosed with diabetes, glaucoma, retinal detachment or with a family history of eye conditions.
Having an OCT scan when your eyes are healthy is always a good idea: it gives us a baseline to spot any differences in the thickness of your internal layers as you repeat the test over time. 
What does an OCT scan do?
OCT 3D scans can help detect sight-threatening eye conditions earlier, including glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. By comparing your previous scans, as well as comparing your current measurements to averages, we will be able to spot any changes in your eyes, and we might detect early signs of eye conditions.
Prevention is always key and can help with potential vision loss for the majority of eye conditions, which initially show no symptoms. For 10 extra minutes and a small additional fee to your standard eye test, an OCT scan can make a big difference. 
Book an OCT scan at John High Opticians & Audiologists
Call to book your OCT scan at John High Opticians & Audiologists today. OCT scans are available in select locations only:

If you book online, please select the option: Enhanced Private Sight Test (OCT scan).

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