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Hearing Care - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Hearing Care

Book Your Hearing Test at John High Opticians & Audiologists 

Our John High practices offer an exceptional hearing service, which encompasses a comprehensive hearing assessment, correction and aftercare. Our hearing screening is free of charge and is performed by our expert audiologist with the latest technology. 

With sound constantly around us, hearing loss can affect the way we carry out daily tasks and activities. Our audiology service gives you the perfect opportunity to see a hearing specialist and discuss any concerns you may have about hearing loss.

Whether it’s you experiencing hearing difficulties, a family member, or a friend, we can offer a tailored service for all kind of hearing needs. Earwax removal appointments are also available. Come and have a chat with our experts today.

Please note, our hearing services are only available to those aged 18 or over.

What to Expect at your Hearing Appointment
Our hearing assessment takes place in a fully equipped audiology suite. Our expert audiologist will examine your ears and ensure there is no blockage (such as earwax) that could affect your hearing test result.

Our specialist will then fill out a form and ask you some important questions about your hearing and your ear care history. Feel free to talk openly to our expert about any hearing difficulties or any particular situation where you may have noticed an issue with your hearing.

Our audiologist will then assess your hearing by performing an audiogram. A series of sounds will be played in your ears through headphones, and you will be asked to press a button whenever you hear a sound.
If you require correction after your hearing test, our trained team will discuss hearing aid options with you, in order to find the best solutions that suit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 
We will then schedule a fitting appointment where our audiologist will fine-tune features and adjust levels to ensure you are getting the most benefit from your hearing aids. You will then be given a follow up appointment two weeks later, which will give you some time to test and adjust to your hearing devices.
Please note that there is no obligation to buy hearing aids after your initial hearing assessment, just book your free hearing test with our expert John High Opticians & Audiologists today!

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