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Eyewear Styling Consultations Jogh High Opticians & Audiologists

Eyewear Styling Consultations

Eyewear styling consultations are an exclusive service available at John High Opticians & Audiologists in Faversham. An eyewear styling consultation gives patients access to our in-house stylist to browse our unique designer collections

We know that choosing glasses can be a daunting and stressful experience. We often don't know what suits us, and there are too many options available.

Your consultation is a bespoke, one on one eyewear styling experience in a relaxed environment. Our styling expert will help you make the perfect glasses choice, taking into account your facial features, complexion, style and personality.

You can take your time to discuss what works for you and enjoy browsing our unique frames over a cup of tea or coffee.

How does a Styling Consultation work?


Colour - Wearing the right frame colour in the right shade can make a dramatic difference to how you look and feel, making you look healthier and feel great. We look for balance and harmony.



Personality - A big factor which is often overlooked. Some of us like to wear items that show our creativity or make a statement, others prefer something more understated or subtle. If a frame doesn’t reflect your personality, it will never feel quite right to wear.

Facial features - Having eyewear that fits, feels comfortable and complements our natural face lines is essential. We will advise on frames that suit you, so that you can choose with confidence.



Style - Most people have a different style for different occasions and this can be the same for eyewear. You may be looking for frames that align with your work image as well as meet your visual demands for that situation. For the weekends and evenings, perhaps a more relaxed style is preferred and our visual priorities are often quite different to our working hours. Whatever the occasion, we are here to help.

Prescription and Lenses - Never to be forgotten! What you use your glasses for, and how often, enables us to recommend the ideal lenses for the frames you choose and the tasks involved. Whether you spend your day gardening or in an office, there are lens types for everyone.


Payment Options - We have a number of payment options available to ensure that getting that exclusive look is within reach of our patients.

During your consultation, our expert stylist will take care of all your eyewear needs. The following elements will be considered:

If you are ready to experience and enjoy quality eyewear time at John High Opticians & Audiologists in Faversham, contact us to book your individual eyewear styling consultation.

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