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Contact Lens Fitting - John High Opticians & Audiologists

Contact Lens Fitting and Aftercare

At John High Opticians & Audiologists, we offer contact lens fitting and aftercare appointments. If you are thinking about wearing contact lenses, the first step is to book a comprehensive eye exam. This will enable our optometrist to check your prescription and determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear contact lenses.

After your eye test, you will need to book a contact lens fitting appointment. 

What to Expect
Our staff will initially ask you questions about your lifestyle, to determine which type of lenses best suit you. There are several types of contact lenses on the market, including daily disposables, weeklies, monthlies, and so on. Based on your requirements, our specialist will be able to prescribe the best contact lenses for you. 

During your contact lens fitting, our optometrist will also take some important measurements of your eyes, such as curve, diameter, and other parameters. He will also measure your eyes' ability to produce tears to ensure your contact lenses keep moist all the time.

Once the best lenses for our eyes are identified, our specialist will use a trial pair to teach you how to put in and take out your contact lenses. A follow up visit will then be necessary to ensure that your new lenses are comfortable, your vision is clear, and your overall experience is positive.

We also offer contact lens aftercare, an appointment you should book once a year to ensure your eyes stay healthy even after wearing contact lenses for a long time, and to double check that the lenses you are wearing are still the right ones for you.

You can book your contact lens appointments using the link below, or calling your nearest John High Opticians & Audiologists branch. 

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